Stitches by Anne Lamott




I first encountered Anne Lamott when a creative writing professor of mine asked the class to read Lamott’s “Bird by Bird.” I enjoyed that well enough, so when I saw “Stitches” on display at my local library I decided to pick it up. “Stitches” is a very short read that you can go cover to cover on in about an hour. It is Lamott’s answer to the infinite question of “why.” Why me? Why is this happening? Why did they do that? Why do bad things happen? Lamott attempts to answer these questions using anecdotes from her life and her friends’ lives. I think that while these questions are obviously impossible to definitively answer, Lamott does a good job of dissipating the evil of the world by explaining that bad things can happen to anyone. While Lamott is ultimately unable to put forth an answer to the question of “why,” she is able to suggest solutions. This is a cute little book that I feel is worth reading, even if it’s just for a glimpse into the rationalization methods of a highly astute and intellectual woman. “Stitches” feels like it was written as much for Lamott’s own sake as it was for her audience. Overall, this was a thoughtful book, but perhaps I would have to read it again as I find that the main points Lamott argues are expected and, at times, unmemorable upon the initial read.

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