Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin



Before my trip to Portugal this August, I picked up some books for my kindle very last minute around 1am the night before my flight. Because I had spent the summer cruising through the rest of Emily Giffin’s novels, I decided to add “Heart of the Matter” to my reading list. I didn’t actually get to read this book until the plane ride home, which was about five hours long. I was able to finish the novel and also watch half of “The Hobbit” (in Portuguese). So, needless to say, this Giffin book is no different than the rest: a purely for-pleasure easy summer read.

“Heart of the Matter” tells the story of a top child reconstructive plastic surgeon who crosses the line with the mother of one of his patients while simultaneously hitting some rough patches with his all-too-perfect wife. The whole book is basically one big crescendo because you know his wife is going to figure out he’s having an affair. You know that there is a decision to be made. The only question the book really raises is will she stay with him or dump him? I mean, of course there are more nuanced issues like whose fault the cheating was and how good people can still do evil things, etc. etc. But basically, the whole plot is pretty black and white.

I don’t have too much to say about this book, besides the fact that it is interesting enough if you have nothing else on your to-read list and you want something fast and easy. One thing that was kind of cutesy was that Giffin ties in the characters from her other novel, “Something Borrowed,” in a quite interesting way (as the relationship between Dex and Rachel was also centered around infidelity). So, if you’re going to read “Heart of the Matter,” you  might as well read “Something Borrowed” as an investment.






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